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    Brand Identity, Creative Direction

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A new concept of treatment with a body-centered approach.

TAOMA is a Physiotherapy Center based in Paterna, Valencia. Looking to express the brand’s new concept of treatment and the combination of both Physiotherapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, we developed a name and a brand that enhances the importance of the body above all, and straddles the line between Chinese conception of medicine and common physiotherapy. We built the TAOMA brand from three simplistic elements that represent the three main parts of the human body, and converge with the simplicity and harmony inherent to ‘Zen’ style. Eventually, we completed the project by designing the signage and interior of the center, a website, several templates for social media, business cards and leaflets, amongst other materials.

I. Brand Identity

Elegimos la tipografía y los colores de la marca basándonos en el estilo



II. Web Design

Sencillez y claridad son los principales aspectos que se han tenido en cuenta para diseñar la web de Taoma.


III. Interior Design

Los colores y el interior del espacio debía seguir el estilo de la marca.